Any business seeks to attract customers, and for this, it is necessary to understand potential customers. Without understanding and understanding the target audience and what they are looking for, it is very difficult to design a strategy that works. For example, when determining keywords, you need to understand what words customers interested in a hotel would write if they were looking for it on the Internet.

It is also convenient to know what users look at when they visit the website of a hotel. For example, if they visit the blog, if they review comments and ratings if they use social networks to get information, etc. You can find this through tools like Google Analytics, surveys, etc. and adapt the web and the strategy to promote these parts that users consult more frequently.

Currently, the trend in the hotel sector is the sale of experiences. You can take advantage of this to create new interesting content for potential customers and increase direct sales.

Contents about destiny

When customers search for a hotel, they are thinking of the destination. Writing a blog or content with interesting topics about the destination can be a good way to reach your target audience.

You have to be varied and, at the same time, entertaining, without forgetting that quality counts more than quantity. Writing 10 posts a week about the park next to the hotel will not add much value to the user while proposing plans, routes, places of interest, etc. close to the hotel location can attract new customers.

Local SEO

Why is this important to a hotel? Because it means that if you want to drive more traffic to the hotel, you must emphasize the hotel’s position in the destination. Local SEO can make the difference between having a high level of reservations or not.

Having links to local sites that reinforce the hotel’s image and optimizing Google My Business (GMB) tabs are two key points that can improve the local SEO of a hotel.

In the case of hotel chains, for example, they should create a GMB file for each hotel and thus optimize local SEO and boost sales.

Visual content

Visual content has a great weight in this sector. Before deciding to hire him, users usually want to know what the hotel is like, the surroundings, the accommodation, etc.. So it’s almost imperative to include high-quality, high-resolution photos and videos.

One of the latest digital marketing trends that are having a great acceptance in the hotel sector is augmented or virtual reality and video marketing. Showing users a 360-degree view of the hotel and the environment provides great confidence to customers, thus enhancing reservations.

But beware, if a website is overloaded with visual elements, it can slow down, which will not favor traffic on the website. With which, it is necessary to enhance the visual content but adapted and optimized for the website.