Like many businesses in other sectors, pharmacies have adapted their marketing strategies to the medium that more and more customers use to inform themselves about their products. Likewise, this small change can significantly increase revenues, also in the pharmaceutical market. This is how digital marketing for pharmacies arises, an excellent option to make you known and differentiate yourself from the competition in the new digital reality.


Restrictions on product promotion


It should not be forgotten that pharmacies have certain limitations and restrictions regarding most medicines since they can only be purchased with a prescription. Therefore, they cannot be used for marketing campaigns, both digital and face-to-face.


Be careful with the information and authorship of the contents


The increased use of new technologies and the ease of accessing online commerce have made it very important for pharmacies to promote themselves. At the same time, it is true that with the latest Google updates, the medical update, this sector is much more controlled. It is no longer worth reporting anything and without a defined or expert author. The EAT criteria that Google requires in its guidelines must be met. Professional experts are required to communicate. But a good digital strategy is also required to help spread that information. Even on a technical level, implementations that help this are required. The medical update or medic core update affects health websites and analyzes those sites that offer information that affects people’s lives. In many cases, some sites lost more than 50% of their traffic after this update.


More channels, more clients


If the Covid-19 pandemic has left us as learning, it is that the online channel is essential. Reaching more customers is possible, thanks to a good eCommerce that sells and distributes products. A wide variety of products can be sold through this channel. Also, pharmacies have thus expanded their product offering as it allows them to offer more without having to stock everything at the physical pharmacy.


Monitor your online reputation


All communication that is done online has much more impact even than offline. That is why you have to take care of it if possible, even more. The web must transmit clarity and must take care of usability aspects. The content must be truthful and approved by experts and specialists. Encourage users to leave reviews that praise the good service offered. Otherwise, an incomplete and unusable website may have the opposite effect than expected.